A Gift to Niagara University

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A practical way to make a planned gift to Niagara University is to include NU in your will or revocable trust, or as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance. If you have already made a provision to include NU in your financial planning, please notify us by completing and returning this document to Paul A. Zablocki at pzablocki@niagara.edu. By documenting your bequest intention, NU will have an opportunity to recognize your generous support in your lifetime.

Information provided to signify your bequest intention to NU will remain completely confidential unless you authorize NU to publicize your gift. NU understands that all bequest provisions are revocable, and any intentions stated here are not binding on you or your estate.

Statement of Intent for an Estate Gift

If your gift is for a percentage of your estate, rather than a fixed amount, NU will be happy to use your good faith estimate of the current value based on this percentage. While not required, you may wish to include a copy of the relevant portion of related documents.